Business Advisory

Business Advisory

How can we assist?

We develop long-term working relationships with our clients and have the expertise to support you throughout the development of your company; from raising finance to fund growth to selling your business.

Buying a business

Are you looking to grow your business through acquisitions? We will help you through every step of the process:

  • Research of target businesses
  • Developing your offer: valuations, funding requirements, drafting documents
  • Undertaking due diligence
  • Tax planning
  • Negotiation of terms and raising finance
  • Support for management buy-outs and buy-ins

Selling a business

You want to ensure you achieve the highest possible valuation for your company, with the best exit terms and to go through the sales process as smoothly as possible. We can help you maximise the value of your business and support you during the sales process:

  • Understanding your objectives and exploring all options
  • Identifying a suitable sales strategy
  • Business valuation and vendor due diligence
  • Support during negotiations through to completion
  • Tax planning

Raising finance

You may wish to raise finance for any number of different reasons: to fund growth through an acquisition or joint venture, improve cash flow, refinance current term debt or fund a change in business operations. We have experience helping a range of different businesses to raise finance to support growth, acquisitions, release value or refinance.

We will guide you through the entire process:

  • Consider your requirements and analysis of funding requirement
  • Assess debt capacity and advise on appropriate capital structure
  • Identify appropriate forms of finance
  • Assist with presentations to potential funders
  • Evaluate existing loan agreements and lending arrangements

We can help you to explore alternative sources of funding beyond traditional bank debt, including: asset backed lending, mezzanine debt, leasing, individual investors, private equity and venture capital.